21 September, 2007

Tell 'em the're DREAMing

Any of you librarians out there on facebook?

If so, try http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=4928502821
It is my (unofficial) group for those of you who might be interested in information on DREAMing08 (the Australian Library and Information Association's next Biennial Conference) which will be in Alice Springs.

Why would you be interested? Well I'll be the MC, I'm on the organising committee, I'm on the programs committee, in short it's all about me.
Well, it may also be about having a fun filled time in the middle of Australia with your workplace picking up the tab.

For those of you who are more interested in the official version of events,
try this http://www.alia2008.com. Or why not try both?

It's aliveeeeeeee

I'm currently:
Failing Uni
Changing Meds
Trying to get ready for ASLAXX
Trying to help others get ready for DREAMing08
Bored (by everything)
thinking I should be documenting this as part of my original idea of blogging about being a librarian with ADHD
Thinking I should go to rugby training occasionally as a bit of physical activity would help no end, but I couldn't be arsed.

Abnormal service will be resumed as soon as whenever.