22 July, 2004

Who's that librarian?

It has happened, Good God! I spent part of today being 'that' librarian. You know the one, every library has one, the one who makes sure the shelves are neat. Who knows which staff members are shelving incorectly

13 July, 2004

I have fan mail!!

I was replying to an email from a reader, when I realised that I was so inordinatly proud of my reply it should be posted so you could all benifit from my wit.

Hey! I stumbled across your blog through bloglines, and was quite pleased to see an ADHD librarian site.
I'm actually considering doing a research paper on librarians with ADHD. If you would like to get interviewed/surveyed for this, I would appreciate it. If you know any other articles or research or anything about ADHD librarians, please share!
be reading you,

you say librarians with ADHD like we're common. Damn, I so loved being unique. That's the bad thing about the internet, whatever you think is unique about yourself, suddenly it isn't anymore.
You know the story, you type in 'sex with goats' (and who hasn't) into a search engine and your simple perversion turns out to be so common you have to choose wether to read the newsgroup for Anglo-Nubian, Saanen or Toggenburg.

01 July, 2004

the ADHD who

after a whole mess of missing in action, I'm back.
New financial year, new money not yet in the bank, old invoices all paid? and the budget has been zeroed and every budget line has a different number this year. Why?
Because the people in finance can. At least I don't know any other reason.

We've been short staffed, over worked and the acting senior librarian doesn't know what the hell he's doing. I'd complain about the incompitent git, except he is me. To make matters even more frantic the manager is going away for a few weeks and I get the top job.
Why do I get the added responcibility? My superior reasoning skills? My ability to balance the books? The ability to manage staffing issues? umm, no, it's because I'm the only one who wants to do it. "Sit back suckers and enjoy the ride. Don't complain about the government if you didn't vote!"

more to come.......